• Name: Full automatic rotary punching making machine
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  • Time: 2017-04-25
  • Production Capacity: 15 set/month
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High speed adjustable rotary punching machinery with fast speed
The Rotary Punching and Shear can be retro-fitted to your existing roll forming line or integrated with the high speed, auto adjusting revolutionary Supermill System by Qingdao Highfull Rotary Punching Machines
solar panel bracket rolled holes requirement:
1. photovoltaic stents bandwidth is less than 230 mm.
2.the thickness range of 1.5 ~ 2.5 mm.
3.single row middle waist type hole, waist type hole is 10 ~ 70 mm long,
4.pitch is greater than 15 mm.
5.materials for Q235, stainless steel, galvanized belt. See below:
1. The open architecture, right into the left out, rated power 3.3 KW.
2. The design of linear velocity of 40 ~ 60 m/min.
3: the maximum permissible pick-up is expected to 230 mm wide.
4. Adopt mitsubishi frequency converter speed control system.
5. By SMC regulating valve and cylinder pressure.
6. The German processing high precision gear, high surface hardness, high impact and abrasion resistance
The moulds
1.mold base is made of high quality die steel, can use for a long time
2.the whole circle of 18 times (specific amount according to customer needs) punch adopts double blade structure (see chart).
3.roller diameter of 270 m
4.convex and concave blade, using the German high quality mold steel, nano manufacturing technology and unique surface treatment technology.
Control system
1.roll the host panel button, stop, start, stop, inching,
2. roll in the production of constant speed, the back-end of equipments induction switch (pictured) with cold bending unit, if one roll too fast (slow) via induction switch to cold bending unit, by cold bending unit matching speed.

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