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1.The Working Flow of stainless steel tube making machine

Raw material- Material feeding - Shearing and butt welding - Material storing - Material flattening - Feeding - Roll forming - Seam direction guiding - Extruding - High frequency induction welding - Welding burr removing - Water cooling - Pipe shape and size adjusting - Computerized saw cutting - Pipe automatic unloading - Checking and collecting

2.The Introduction of main equipment of stainless steel tube making machine



Introduction and main technical parameters



Raw material uncoiler


It’s used to support the steel strip roll and feed raw material for the production line.

1) Structure mode

Double working position

2) Material tray outer diameter


3) Material tray inner diameter

Φ350 - Φ550mm

4) Central height


5) Weight bearing




Shearer and butt welder


It’s used to weld together the tail of former material roll and the head of next roll to ensure the continuous production of pipes.

1) Shearing

Responsible for shearing irregular parts of two material rolls and making preparation for welding.

2) Welding

Responsible for connecting head and tail of two steel strip rolls.



Cage-style material accumulator


It’s used to store and feed raw materials for the forming machine so that the machine can work continuously.

1) Power of driving motor


2) Max thickness of steel strip


3) Max width of steel strip


4) Max storage capacity

150 - 300m

5) Max material feeding speed











Forming and sizing machine



It’s the main equipment of the production line. Rollers can make steel strip form into pipes of variety shapes. It consists of forming part , welding part and sizing part.

1) Forming part

Material feeding - Flattening - Feeding - 1 Horizontal roller -   1 Vertical roller - 2H - 2V - 3H -  3V - 4H - 4V - 5H - 5V - 6H - 6V - 7H - 7V

2) Welding part

Seam direction guiding -Extruding - Welding - Weld burr removing - Water cooling

3) Sizing part

1V - 1H - 2V - 2H - 3V - 3H - 4V - 4H - 5V - 5H - Speed measuring - Straightening

4) Driving method

132Kw DC motors transmit power to gear boxes through reducer, then gear boxes transmit power to each horizontal roller through universal shafts.

5) Horizontal rollers

Using gantry typeintegral frame. Diameter of horizontal shaft is Φ55mm and the material is 40Cr.

6) Vertical rollers

Adjusted through lead screw. Diameter of vertical shaft is Φ35mm and the material is 40Cr.




Computer flying saw



With the high precision STD control system and quick reaction of mechanical system, the cutting saw has reliable synchronization performance and high precision cutting length.

1) Structure model

Controlled by computer program

2) Max pipe diameter


3) Max pipe thickness


4) Error in length


5) Power of cutting motor


6) Power of driving motor


7) Specification of saw piece


8) Linear velocity of saw piece



Automatic unloading  platform

It is an unloading platform of pipes cut by computerized saw. After the pipes falling down, workers can quickly check the quality and package them for preparation of transportation.


High frequency induction appliances

Using the current skin effect and proximity effect of high frequency to make both edges of the material rapidly heated to soldering temperature and then weld them together. Using computer to monitor the process can provide the machine with reliable quality.



Due to reasonable design, high precision CNC machine process and advanced heat treatment technology, the pipe forming process is smooth, stability and high efficient.


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